Welding machine model classification and other knowledge introduction

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Welding machine model
First, BX1, BX2, BX3, BX4, ...
1, where 1234 represents the transformer form:
1 moving iron;
2 moving iron;
3 moving coils;
4 transistors;
5 thyristor;
6-tap type;
7 inverter;
2. B in BX indicates communication;
3. Z in ZX indicates DC;
4. X indicates a drop characteristic, and another P indicates a flat characteristic.
2. NBC stands for CO2 gas shielded welder, where C stands for CO2 (carbon dioxide)
There are also models of NB;
Third, there are other WSM, WS, TIG models, this is a tungsten gas shielded welder, which belongs to non-melting gas shielded welding:
1, WSM function: manual welding (MMA), tungsten, pulse;
2, WS function: manual welding (MMA), tungsten;
3, TIG function: tungsten.
Fourth, the number behind the model, such as 400 in BX1-400, the welding current of the welding machine according to the national standard, such as ZX7-125, ZX7-160, BX1-500, etc., but some manufacturers will virtualize them This should be noted when purchasing.

Welding machine principle
The working process of the electric welder is such that the electric welder short-circuits when it contacts the welded object and the object to be welded, and the short circuit generates a high-temperature arc, and the solder (ie, the solder on the electrode) is melted so that they fuse with each other. The electric welder completes the above welding using the thermal effect of the current (ie, Joule's law, Q=i2RT), the circuit is closed, the current in the circuit is equal everywhere, but the resistance is the highest at the contact surface of the weld and the object to be welded, which can be obtained by the formula The heat generated is also the highest, and the melting point of the solder is also low. The high temperature can melt it to achieve the purpose of soldering.

Advantages and disadvantages of electric welding machine
First, the advantages of welding machine:
The electric welding machine uses electric energy to convert electric energy into heat energy instantaneously. The electric welding is very common. The electric welding machine is suitable for working in a dry environment. It does not require too much demand. It is small in size, simple in operation, convenient to use, fast in speed, and welded after welding. The advantages of seam strength and so on are widely used in various fields, especially for parts requiring high strength. It can be used for the permanent connection of the same metal material (may also connect dissimilar metals, but different welding methods). After heat treatment, it has the same strength as the base material and is well sealed, which solves the problem of sealing and strength for the manufacture of storage gas and liquid containers.
Second, the welding machine shortcomings:
In the process of using the welding machine, a certain magnetic field is generated around the welding machine. When the arc burns, it will generate radiation to the surroundings. There are infrared light, ultraviolet light and other light species in the arc, as well as harmful substances such as metal vapor and smoke, so it must be operated. Be sure to take adequate protective measures. Welding is not suitable for the welding of high carbon steel. Due to the metal crystallization and segregation and oxidation of the weld metal, the welding performance is poor for high carbon steel, and it is easy to crack after welding, resulting in hot cracks and cold cracks. Low carbon steel has good welding performance, but it must be handled properly in the process. The rust cleaning is more cumbersome. Sometimes the weld will have defects such as slag cracking and perforation, but proper operation will reduce the defect.

Welding machine classification
1. The main welding machines used by industrial and mining enterprises are: AC arc welding machine, DC electric welding machine, argon arc welding machine, carbon dioxide protection welding machine, butt welding machine, spot welding machine, submerged arc welding machine, high frequency welding machine, flash Butt welder, pressure welder, butt welder laser welder. The difference between AC welding machine and DC welding machine application field is that AC welding machine is generally used in steel structure manufacturing unit or general general machinery or agricultural machinery manufacturing unit. DC is mainly used in manufacturing pressure vessel boiler, pipeline, or important structure manufacturing unit. Welding machine for welding.
1 The main application fields of the inverter welding machine are the same, but the welding machine is more energy-efficient and lighter;
2 Main application fields of submerged arc welding machine Large steel structure manufacturing unit, pressure vessel boiler manufacturing unit;
3 Main application fields of gas shielded welding machines Large steel structure manufacturing units or general machinery agricultural machinery, automobile manufacturing plants, security door processing plants, and units for manufacturing pressure vessel boilers are also widely used for gas shielded welding machines;
4 argon arc welding machine is mainly used in pipelines, pressure vessel boilers, stainless steel processing enterprises;
5 AC argon arc welding machine is mainly made of aluminum welding manufacturing unit, aluminum container manufacturing unit, aluminum radiator welding.
2. There are two types of DC welding machines: one is the addition of rectifying elements on the basis of AC motors, and the other is DC generators. DC welding machines are mainly welded with non-ferrous metals and pig iron; AC welding machines are mainly welded steel plates.
3, argon arc welding machine, carbon dioxide protection welding machine, high frequency welding machine, flash butt welding machine. The argon arc welding machine and the carbon dioxide gas shielded welding machine can mainly weld thin plates and colored gold layers of 2 mm or less; the flash butt welding machine mainly connects copper and aluminum joints and the like, and the high-frequency welding machine mainly manufactures welded steel pipes.
4. Submerged arc welding is mainly used for welding steel structural parts, bridge H steel, and industrial-shaped room girders.
5. Gas shielded welding machine: argon arc welding, carbon dioxide protection welding, under the protection of gas, the welding machine will not be oxidized, the welding is firm, the colored gold layer can be welded, and the thin material can be welded.
6. Laser welding machine: The lead wire inside the solderable transistor.
7. Butt welding machine: The iron wire and other objects on the main welding anchor of the cable chain factory. Can be docked with yuan steel and so on.